Triumph (poetry)

Fear that longs to cripple me, He has already overcome. He shields me from defeat And calls out my inner lion. Sheer strength I could not fathom To come from so weak a frame, Yet with the Spirit’s fire within me I shall triumph for His fame. Though fog and smoke still loom around me, … More Triumph (poetry)

5 Lessons of Waiting

Waiting is such an odd situation to find yourself in. I don’t mean the kind that means 3 minutes spent queuing behind somebody or even a day watching your phone waiting on an important call. A season of waiting can be both boring and exhausting but when that season comes along (not if), the bleakness and … More 5 Lessons of Waiting

What one year of blogging has taught me.

A whole year has passed since I first started Clarity Pending and started sharing online some of the thoughts that were previously confined to the pages of my journal. So what’ve I learnt? What’s surprised me ? These are some of the questions I’ve been asking myself and hopefully questions which strike your curiosity. So, … More What one year of blogging has taught me.

Church, humans and grit.

Like many I’m sure, I have considered leaving my church. For anyone reading this who goes to the same church as me: panic not, I’m afraid you’re stuck with me for the foreseeable future. “The worship isn’t free enough” “The prayer isn’t often enough” “The talks arent applicable enough” “The service isn’t long enough” (you can … More Church, humans and grit.