5 Lessons of Waiting

Waiting is such an odd situation to find yourself in. I don’t mean the kind that means 3 minutes spent queuing behind somebody or even a day watching your phone waiting on an important call. A season of waiting can be both boring and exhausting but when that season comes along (not if), the bleakness and … More 5 Lessons of Waiting

Unused Faith

I have faith in a God – more specifically the God of the bible. “I have faith in a God”, what does that even mean? Does it mean I like the idea of this God? Does it mean I relate to this specific idea of a higher power? For me faith isn’t in the same … More Unused Faith

Be expectant.

I am a problem spotter. I spot things that need improving, ways things can be made better and weaknesses in things. I spot something new and exciting and almost immediately want bigger and better. I have a critical eye and often prepare for the worst. I rarely get my hopes up ‘too high’ and I … More Be expectant.

18 inches

Have you ever heard the phrase: The longest distance to travel is the 18 inches between our head and our heart. I know. Cliched or what? I can barely believe I just typed it, and actually started this post with it. I promise not to say it ever again. Never. But there’s an ironic truth … More 18 inches

Loving from afar.

I write this as someone with a heart to change the way I live, someone who does not have this sorted (not nearly), but who is wrestling with how to go about this. How to become the hands and feet of a better way forward – wanting to live out a life which, if replicated, would … More Loving from afar.

Church, humans and grit.

Like many I’m sure, I have considered leaving my church. For anyone reading this who goes to the same church as me: panic not, I’m afraid you’re stuck with me for the foreseeable future. “The worship isn’t free enough” “The prayer isn’t often enough” “The talks arent applicable enough” “The service isn’t long enough” (you can … More Church, humans and grit.

As if I’m free.

Did you know that the bible never actually talks about forgiving yourself? It obviously mentions God’s lavish grace and forgiveness for us, and also mentions how we should forgive those who do wrong by us – but never us forgiving ourselves. For a while I’d been struggling with the concept of forgiving myself. Not with … More As if I’m free.