Friends of Iron

I am not talking about an iron that smoothes out creases. I am talking about iron that sharpens iron – think of a iron blade or axe. When two of these meet each other their friction and interaction sharpens the other. Both utensils are mutually sharpened and improved for their purposes, simply for having scraped … More Friends of Iron

As if I’m free.

Did you know that the bible never actually talks about forgiving yourself? It obviously mentions God’s lavish grace and forgiveness for us, and also mentions how we should forgive those who do wrong by us – but never us forgiving ourselves. For a while I’d been struggling with the concept of forgiving myself. Not with … More As if I’m free.

A safe distance

Ever felt like you’re observing what’s happening before your eyes and you have no permission to participate? I’ve felt like that quite often if I’m honest. From seeing an overwhelmed parent telling their child off in the supermarket, to seeing a friend make bad choices or even having someone close tell me something about myself … More A safe distance